Football Game Against Fieldston

[ November 02, 2009 ]

The football game against Fieldston yesterday was incredible. It was amazing to watch. Being biased, I was sad to see the Riverdale team unable to score the two points at the end in order to win the game; however, both sides fought valiantly to the very last second of the game. It was great to see the new field in use, and we are also looking forward to hosting a field hockey tournament game this week on it.

Kris and I were honored to meet Flo Bertino for the first time, along with other members of the Bertino clan. Flo is the wife of Frank J. Bertino, a mythical Riverdale faculty member and coach who was one of the winningest coaches in High School football. It was great to talk to Flo and have her here to enjoy the restoration of the field in her husband’s name.

Flo Bertino at the game against Fieldston

Flo Bertino with her son Joe at the game against Fieldston

As you can see, the Bertinos brought two large posters with photographs and articles about Coach Bertino’s career. We are going to frame them and hang them in the school. The wonderful think about Coach Bertino is that he believed wholly and inspirationally in the idea of the scholar-athlete and promoted the idea of athletics as a way of improving both one’s mind and character–something that was part of a holistic educational program; we are trying to make sure that Riverdale does the same now for the students in the 21st Century. MIND, CHARACTER, COMMITMENT & COMMUNITY are words that would have made sense for Frank Bertino as words that sum up what we aim to do.

The field is a wonderful space and the strong school spirit, especially in light of a loss, was great to watch. I hope that we will have significant crowds for the tournament matches in field hockey and for the last football match against Dalton this weekend.

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