Design Thinking for Schools, Students and Teachers

[ April 25, 2011 ]

We have been working with IDEO for the last two years to develop a “design thinking toolkit” for educators. The site gives some background information and also allows registrants to download a booklet that outlines the process. We hope that schools and teachers around the world will find this resource helpful. LINK TO SITE:

After reading Dan Pink’s ideas regarding “design thinking” as a 21st century skill in his book, A Whole New Mind, we decided to find out about “design thinking” and see how it might be used in schools. IDEO, the at Stanford, David Kelley, Tim Brown and Sandy Speicher have been the biggest proponents of design thinking as a methodology for problem solving in many different fields. Along with a number of people at IDEO, notably Sandy Speicher, Ellen Sitkin and Annette Diefenthaler, a team at Riverdale decided to produce a resource for schools, teachers and students that would help them understand the process and try out using it in schools. We hope that people will do so and share their thoughts and work back with the global education community.

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