Meetings in these last weeks…

[ November 04, 2011 ]

One of the privileges of being the Head of a great school is the meetings that I am privileged to attend. In the last few weeks, I have talked to Allison Rouse, a Riverdale alum and CEO of Ed Village, an amazing social enterprise worth supporting; met with Vikram Akula of SKS Finance; Ashish Rajpal of iDiscoveri education in India; talked briefly to Reginald Greene, a KIPP Fisher Fellow who is going to start a KIPP school in LA next year; Mikkel Krenchel of ReD Associates; Nathan Hunt and Dalila Boclin of Dressler Advertising; Ellie Avishai of the Rotman School of Management and the I-Think Initiative; and Professor Adam Grant from Wharton…what an interesting couple of  weeks!

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