Day 30: Cat, Mathematics Teacher, Middle and Upper School

[ By on October 19, 2012 ]

Today I learned that even though I might be good at something, I can also drop the ball once in a while. I usually bake really good banana bread. Tonight it was undercooked when the timer went off, so I popped it back in the oven and ended up burning the top. Normally, I wouldn’t mind so much but I am not sure that my 10th grade advisees will be so happy when they are hankering for some food during our gathering on Thursday. I shouldn’t worry so much, as I’m sure they will be grateful for my effort.

Early on in my teaching career I was so intent on being a “good” teacher that I didn’t spend enough time focusing on what was truly important – my passion for the material I was teaching every day. I worked too hard at trying to be perfect in every aspect of my job, and I often let my small missteps get me down. Over the course of eighteen years, I discovered that it is my passion and the mistakes I’ve made along the way that make me the teacher that I am today. I aim to create a classroom that’s a safe place to struggle, because I know that my students will often learn more from their mistakes than from their successes. I have learned that it’s okay for me to make mistakes because I am human. I hope my students learn from my example, and don’t worry so much when they make mistakes.

Cat has been teaching at Riverdale since 2001, and lives in New Rochelle with her husband, two daughters, and her dog, Fenway. Yes, Fenway.

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  1. gtucker

    This is a lesson I have to reteach myself several times each year.

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