Day 39: Laurie, LS STEAM Integrator

[ By on November 09, 2012 ]

I had a three hour drive to Cambridge, MA, this morning, providing plenty of time for open-ended thinking. I relish these off-the-grid moments, when my mind simply wanders, freely-associating any ideas that pop up for contemplation.

Opera, music, vocal chord vibrations, family, Mama Mia, dinner and a movie with friends, eager anticipation for a two-day Engineering Is Elementary workshop, delight in returning to a city I enjoy, and looking forward to dinner with a former student.

Grimacing at the antics of some of the drivers who seemed oblivious to the road conditions, thinking of adjectives I would never actually say to anyone but myself. Hoping power is restored by the time I return home.

Nothing particularly enlightening in any of the above, but that’s the whole point! Just being able to kick back and not have to think about anything in particular. It’s a bit of a brain-spa, and every once in awhile it’s a great treat.

Laurie lives with her husband, Fred, in Mamaroneck (just 16 miles north in Westchester). On Sundays she can be found hanging out at the Osborn Pavilion (in Rye) doing Seated Yoga Songfest with a regular crew of residents. Trained in Dance for Parkinson’s, she hopes the future will find her bringing movement and music to folks who have Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS or who are simply in their wizened stage.

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