Day 56: Maya & CJ, Fourth Graders

[ By on December 06, 2012 ]

Something that I like about school is at recess my friend and I play soccer with all the guys. I think that is interesting because guys don’t usually like to play with girls. The boys play fairly with us. (Maya)

I always wanted to see Mr Martinez’s desk and office, and I finally got to see it today. I got to see it because I’m telling Mrs Bartels to write this and I am in Mrs Bartels’, Mr Brehl’s and Mr Martinez’s office. I wanted to see Mr Martinez’s desk because he is awesome! He is an assistant computer worker. (CJ)

(editor’s note: Mr Martinez is the LS Systems Manager)

Maya does a lot of musicals and shows. She is currently in her 13th production, including those at school. CJ likes a lot of sports but mostly this year he likes soccer.

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  1. lbartels

    Maya and CJ, thanks for sharing! I enjoyed this blog post quite a bit. 🙂

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