Day 58: Nick, Hill Campus Maintenance Supervisor

[ By on December 10, 2012 ]

My favorite thing to do is hunt and fish. I do it to relax and also to control the animal population. We don’t have predators, so the deer are overpopulated. With so many houses being built, there is less and less land for the deer. You have to control them or they will take over. I hunt for deer and turkeys, and I fish. Whatever I catch, I eat. By controlling the population you save trees, and you give jobs to conservationists and people working for the environment. They write the permits and regulate the hunting.

I go hunting to clear my mind. No work orders, no phone calls, I think about nothing. Being in nature is my best break from everything. I have my own place where I prepare the animals I shoot or catch, or sometimes I take them to a butcher, then I share all my catch with friends and family. You bring people something – they like it! A few times here at school I made venison stew. I brought my propane stove and cast iron Dutch oven and made stew for the maintenance, housekeeping, and kitchen crew, and some teachers.

We have to manage the deer population or else they’re going to run through the streets of the city. One time I saw a deer on the football field, and one on Fieldston Road before we had the field. I see them in my backyard all the time. I got a doe with a bow and arrow this year, and also a six-pointer with a rifle. I hope the young generation joins the hunters and fishermen; there are fewer hunters now, and I don’t know how we will control the deer, the geese—they stay here now, they don’t go back to Canada.

Nick lives in an apartment in Riverdale with his wife, Aurel. He keeps his waders, guns, and bows and arrows in his house upstate, and he goes hunting or fishing every opportunity he gets because he loves to be in nature.

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