Day 60: Elon, Six Grader

[ By on December 12, 2012 ]

Today I learned the true meaning of grit. That instead of measuring a person by their book smarts (GPA, SAT, tests & quizzes, etc.), to measure them by their character. This to me sounded like a huge breakthrough for education. For schools who are solely known for being completely about books, to start looking at their kids for their character is amazing, and actually gives the kid more of a chance to succeed. Riverdale is already doing this and I appreciate that so much, because when children see themselves as a grade, it can really bring them down. This is especially true when the kid next to them is now ‘so smart’, because they scored a higher grade. That child should be able to know it’s how hard you work to get that grade that makes you great, it’s the notion that if you work harder, you can achieve a better grade.  Because there is no ‘I’m smart’, if you never worked to get there. I love that schools all around the country, and maybe the world soon, are promoting this. Children deserve to know that people, even their families, look at them for who they are, and what they worked to achieve, and not just the grade they got on their most recent test.


Elon is a sixth grader and she loves to read.

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