Day 61: Max and Jack, Fourth Graders

[ By on December 13, 2012 ]

I did violin and PE for specials. I did solos in my violin special: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Hot Cross Buns. I started playing violin this year. I practice at home. I play songs with a recording. There is music for each song. The recording is a disk in my book. (Max)

I’m working in math right now on the calendar, mainly the months of the year. To remember all of this, I use a song that I was taught in Kindergarten. There is also a song for the days that I learned in Pre-School. (Jack)

Max does his homework, plays games with his sister, and watches television. He has dark brown hair and blueish-gray eyes. Jack has brown eyes and brown hair. He enjoys playing with magnetiles, action figures and Legos, and at home he plays with either his iPad, DS, iPod or watches television. They both say Happy Holidays!


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