Day 64: Belinda, 10th Grader

[ By on December 19, 2012 ]

Today during my painting class, many of us took our tentative first steps in our newest project: a landscape.  The assignment was fairly open-ended, as we could pick any image we wanted to — a place we love, or just a Google image of which we were particularly fond.  I think everyone was a little scared … some of us more than a little. We were given 18 x 20 inch, clean white canvases to work on, and everyone had a bit of an, “Oh my god … that is a lot bigger than we’ve been working on” moment.  It just seemed so … official.

We all sketched our drawings for as long as humanly possible to avoid putting paint on canvas – pencil erases, so our mistakes were not permanent.  Paint is permanent.

“Do you think this looks okay?”

“Does this look the same as in the picture?”

“Oh my god! I ruined it!”

Statements like these were flying around the classroom.  I think it shows just how tentative and self-conscious we are as teenagers, especially high-schoolers.  Will the person next to me like my painting? What if it’s bad? What if I’m doing it wrong?

On a slightly more uplifting note, I think all of us were pleasantly surprised by our progress by the end of class. Everyone had a little paint on our canvases, and I think it’s quite likely that we’ll gain a lot of confidence by the end of this project.

Belinda loves dancing ballet (most of the time, when every muscle isn’t hurting J), and riding Butterscotch, a big blonde Quarter Horse.

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