Day 65: The Students of 2M

[ By on December 20, 2012 ]

We used a microscope. We used a microscope to look at people’s hands. We looked at human bodies. We looked at people’s hands,  hair, shirt and ears. We looked at donuts and Hudson the Bear and paper snowflakes.

We used iPads to look at all these things. Some hands were dirty and some were clean.

[Editor’s Note: The iPad was running the AirMicroPad app, which is used in conjunction with the ProScope Mobile, a wireless, digital, handheld microscope. Below are some images from today’s exploration.]

The students of 2M say “We rock!” and want you to know they study hard and they have a bear named Hudson. He travels around New York City with people.

A dirty palm.

An earring.

Strands of hair.

Hudson Bear.

A paper snowflake.

Part of a shirt.

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