Day 79: Pam Findlay, Upper School science teacher

[ By on January 25, 2013 ]

I teach science to bright, motivated high school students. I feel  very, very fortunate to have such a wonderful job. I teach Marine Biology in particular, and I feel really lucky to be able to teach what I love. Today I learned that marine biology is so, so much more than learning about animals and habitats and water. I learned from my students that marine biology is about art, and swimming, and great American literature, and entrepreneurship. I learned that the sea is part of everything, and that if you taught a course with the sea as its center, you could teach a course that involved math, history, literature, art and music. The sea is truly all around us, as Rachel Carson wrote back in 1951.

Today I learned from Savannah that many artists used the sea as their inspiration – Winslow Homer, Monet, and Japanese woodcuts for example.

Winslow Homer’s “The Gulf Stream”, 1899

I learned from Robbie that the Speedo bathing suit simulates shark skin and has been banned from Olympic swimming because it provides an unfair advantage to swimmers.

I learned from Julia that one can write beautifully about the ocean and even the lowly herring,

and I learned from Samantha that the ocean has a great deal to offer as an energy source.

I was reminded by Gabe of the theory that the ocean was the source of life on Earth, a veritable “primordial soup.” I think I learned quite a lot today. How many people can say that? I am certainly very fortunate.

Pam Findlay loves teaching, working with her students, and she considers herself lucky to come to work each day to teach the subjects she feels will have significant impact on her students’ future.

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