Day 100: Gigi, Seventh Grader

[ By on February 27, 2013 ]

In English class we are reading Julius Caeser, a play by William Shakespeare. To help us get familiar with Shakespeareian language so that we are able to read the play easily, my teacher gave us three sheets; One with Shakespeareian insults, one with Shakespeareian compliments, and the last with Shakespeareian quotes. They were all very interesting new words that we would not usually use in everyday language. We spent the class reciting the insults, compliments, and quotes in iambic pentameter, which leads me to another story.

In every piece of literature written by Shakespeare, he uses a form of language called iambic pentameter. In iambic pentameter, one places emphasis on the second syllable instead of the first. For example, ta-TUM ta-TUM. To get us used to this language, our teacher had us say our names in iambic pentameter. Mine was Ga-BRI-e-LA. We also read sonnets and our teacher forced us to read it in iambic pentameter. This whole learning experience stood out to me because it was not only fun and engaging, but it was also a very interesting way to learn something. If someone asked my class how much that whole experience helped us understand Shakespeare more, they would reply that it helped them a lot.

Gigi enjoys singing and acting and spending time with her friends.

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