Day 99: Olivia, Ninth Grader

[ By on February 27, 2013 ]

Today I learned many new things actually. We started a new topic in geometry, which relates everything he has taught us in the previous week or so back to these terms. I thought our history discussion was especially interesting, some of the topics might have been a little hard to grasp, yet I found the Iberian decline interesting. While these Iberian states were starting to become more powerful, they were becoming more economically dependant on Northwest Europe. Ironic isn’t it? After leaving the class I was still thinking about the topic we were discussing which is something I think is actually quite nice. I think your everyday life, not including school, should include pieces of your school life. I am not just talking about the people and social aspect, but the discussions, and what you learn. As I progress along in Riverdale I hope to see this happen again.

Olivia loves writing, sports, and food.

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  1. epillsbury

    Olivia loves writing, sports, and food.

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