Day 101: Students in Ms Awal’s Math class

[ By on February 28, 2013 ]

Setting the stage for the  Investigation (click the image to enlarge)

Ms Awal’s students did an investigation of Muffle’s Truffles. At the end of the investigation, she asked her students to describe their math class based upon:

* Something interesting you did…
* Something you now understand…
* Something you liked about class today…
* Something you learned…
* Something class made you wonder about…


Something I liked in today’s class was that I got to work in a group of 3 and we all shared the work evenly. (Jake) I liked when we got to talk about and solve the truffle problem. (Lucia) I wondered in math today what the Muffle’s Truffle’s project will look like when my group is all finished. (Jenna)

I liked that it was quiet and that we got to work in partners. I also liked that the activity was fun. (Alexandra) Something interesting I did was how we did our strategy. Say we have the number 132. We would underline the 13 and know 13 boxes with 2 truffles left over. (Lauren) Class made me wonder if there were 109 boxes, how many truffles would there be? (Mia)

The Investigation (click the image to enlarge)

Something interesting I did was (for example) 100=10 boxes. I now understand how to take big numbers and make smaller numbers. I liked that the topic was food. I learned how to do a shortcut like 200-200 boxes. I wonder how much money Muffle got. (Ben) I learned while doing the Muffles Truffles sheet that the answer was always the fist 2 numbers. (Francesca)

I liked Muffle’s Truffles because it was making me think about dividing and multiplying in 10s. (Bryce) Something that made me wonder was the selling, because if there’s extras of one but not another because of stock limit, and someone wanted the one out of stock. (Jake) I liked drawing how I figured out the problem. I also liked to look at the picture to look at how many truffles there were. (Andrew)

Something class made me wonder about was how many boxes of truffles there will be in all when we get the answer for each flavor. (Jake) I liked counting the truffles because I like math. (Jacob) I tried a new kind of math which is the way we did in the classroom. I now understand that Muffles is super rich. I liked that we got to do a S.T.W. Class made me wonder how many boxes in total Muffles has to box. (Reed)

Something I learned was when you are dividing by tens, for example a three digit number like 308/10, what you would do is take the first 2 numbers in 308, 30, and the third number, 8, is your remainder. When you have a 2 digit number like 22/10, you take the first digit in 22, 2, which is your answer and the second digit is the left over. (Spencer)

I wondered what project are we going to have next that is like this. (Michael)

[Editor’s Note: That sums it all up! Mix Math and Truffles and you have a group of curious mathematicians wondering what will come next!]

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