Day 109: Cameron, Tenth Grader

[ By on March 12, 2013 ]

In my history class, a class discussion on the night before’s reading can often go off in tangents anywhere. Today while discussing the homework, I learned about what some of the Chinese think of their government. My teacher went on a sabbatical for the first half of the year and during that time she made a stop in China. Her trip to China coincided with China’s communist party meetings where a new president is appointed. My teacher told us that she discussed this event with her tour guide who was a relatively young Chinese woman. When my teacher attempted to explain to her how the election system in America works the guide was both enthralled and utterly confused as to how fair elections could work. It was amazing how much of a difference there was in the two countries. The tour guide admitted to her that the Chinese residents were skeptical of their government and could sense it when dubious business was going on. She said she would sometimes read articles on stuff that happened in the world and then one day when she would look back to read them again they would vanish from the internet. All of this sounded like a far cry from what happens in America. As kids, we are encouraged to question authority, ask questions, and formulate our own opinions. While my history teacher may have literally taught me about the opinions of an average Chinese woman, she helped me learn to cherish my educational experience and to cherish living in a country where there is a free press and the government can be questioned.

Cameron enjoys talking politics with all of his teachers, often playing the devil’s advocate because he likes to pose questions. And yes he loves his mother…

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