Day 110: Brandon, Seventh Grader

[ By on March 13, 2013 ]

I was late the first day of school at my new school and I was very worried about the new people I would meet and how I would approach them. “All new kids think about that stuff so why should I be like all new kids, I am going to be different I am going to be the best new kid they ever saw”, I thought to myself. My mom decided to come with me to explain why I was late and to make me feel more comfortable. I stepped into the building as bold as ever and with each step my confidence dropped, dropped and dropped till I just wanted to go back to my car. When we got in my mom talked to the teacher and then I went to find a seat, all the seats were taken. I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t want to do something silly, just then a boy all the way in the back went and took a desk and chair and placed right beside him and said “Here, come sit here, my name is Mark, what is yours?” I was stunned and sat beside I told him my name very shyly then waved bye to my mom. I was scared and didn’t know what to do, when I was introduced I saw many kids snicker and sneer but not Mark. Mark later told me about himself, he told me that his mother had died because she was a paramedic in 9/11 and when she went close to the scene her lungs were filled with toxins and they were clogged up. Eventually she died, that stuck with me for a long time because I knew how hard his life must be without his mother and how mine would be and I decided to be as kind to him as possible. For the rest of the day I was tricked and made fun of by many children but Mark was always there to defend me and he always explained everything to me, nobody else bothered to say something to me not even a “Hi”. The rest of the week Mark was my mentor and my friend, and to this day him and I are still best friends.

From Mark and the other children at Villa Maria I learned what makes a true friend. At the time I wasn’t good at keeping a friend but through Mark I saw how you should be a friend. I saw how you must act to a friend, the things you do and don’t do around or with a friend. Most importantly I saw how you should keep a friend, those were the important moments that stood out to me during that experience.

Brandon usually play sports with friends especially soccer and basketball. He also loves reading book series, playing board games such as chess and playing the piano.

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