Day 111: Students from the fifth grade Spanish class of Ms James

[ By on March 14, 2013 ]

[Editor’s note: The students in Ms James’s 5th grade Spanish class are collaborating on a project with students from a school in Mexico. Today they had hoped to meet via Skype, but due to timing, it did not work out. Instead, Anna and Emma composed an email to their Mexican peers.]

Dear Miss. Guillen Cueves and students,

We can’t wait to Skype with all of you! We look forward to playing your games we received.

There were some requests during lunch about your grade. There are pictures attached of our class. We hope all of you have a great spring vacation!


Emma, Anna, and Justin (special request from him)
For all the students in Ms. James’ class

Emma, Anna and Justin are all in 5K. Anna loves loves loves horses, Emma would like to be a fashion designer and horseback rider, and Justin is looking forward to the Skype!

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