Day 113: Amanda, Twelfth Grader

[ By on April 02, 2013 ]

Today was the typical first day back from spring break – almost.  As usual, we received the essays and tests that were painfully crammed in to the last week before break, tried to remember what on earth was going on in each of our classes, and attempted to seem like we were alert and understood what was on the board (when really we had no idea and just wanted to go back to sleep).  This year, however, I also happen to be a senior on April 2nd, which adds a new flavor to the mix.

For those that have yet to experience the joys of the college process and therefore may not know some of the implications of today’s date, let me explain.  Every Riverdale senior officially receives his or her decision letters from colleges by April 1st.  Thus on April 2nd every Riverdale senior wants to know what every other Riverdale senior’s decisions are.  Today I was bombarded with questions ranging from the sly, “So, um, how was your break?  Did you hear from colleges?” to the more blunt, “Where did you get in?”  On the surface these questions seem nosy and annoying.  In truth, however, I didn’t really mind their queries because I was just as interested in where they are going.  By the end of the school day, almost every senior knew where people are considering heading next year.

All the hubbub about colleges combined with Mr. Murison’s observation that we only have one more ILS rotation left with him this year made me realize how little time I have left in high school.  I have only two months left at a school I have attended for nearly twelve years.  It both saddens and excites me to recognize that we will all be going separate ways in a very short time.  Thus today was really the beginning of the end.  The college process is winding down as we make final decisions and begin to prepare for our adult lives, and although we still have a ways to go, I am going to cherish these last weeks at RCS.  It is really only now because the end is near that I realize how much I have enjoyed being a part of the Riverdale community.  I have had fabulous teachers and amazing classmates every year, and have loved getting to know everyone’s passions and personalities.  Ultimately, I can only hope that my next four years will be as wonderful as the past twelve have been.

Amanda loves baking cakes, painting, winning a good game of bananagrams, daily chats with her younger brother, and brain-teasers.

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