Day 115: Laurie, LS STEAM Integrator

[ By on April 04, 2013 ]

This space is usually filled by the wonders of the day as seen through a lower school child’s eyes.

Today, I had the pleasure of sharing the morning (and again this evening) with parents. Together we explored what it is like to be a lower schooler at the River. Since we were simulating what it was like to be a student here, I figured that gave me authoring rights for today!

This image is of a portion of the Riverdale Mission Statement. Take note of the portion in bold.

…abundant play in the open…

Children learn from playing and by playing. This ongoing play happens throughout the day at the River. In the process of play, our children explore not just the physical playground, but the world of ideas. They test, through play, what is possible both socially and cognitively.

Parents also play, though it may not always seem that way to their children! Parents moved their bodies to music, collaborated with their peers, designed and built freestanding structures, and programmed a Scratch project.

We simulated part of a lower schooler’s life at the River. Turns out, life as a student here is filled with serious wok and abundant play!


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