Day 118: Cameron, Tenth Grader

[ By on April 09, 2013 ]

Today, for the first time ever in my life, I watched gospel music performed live. The way that they portray it on TV shows and in movies is nothing compared to the real thing. From the moment that I walked into the gym I knew that the assembly was going to be something special. The whole school was together, which almost never happens, and there was a kind of a buzz in the air. Soon after I arrived Ms. Nicholson-Flynn introduced the leader of the organization who came to perform and the show had begun. The choir came out with a bang, rousing the whole audience to its feet on its second song and getting the crowd to clap in unison many times. This was one of the most energetic performances I have ever seen. The main guy singer got so into it that he sweat through more than half of his shirt. Just when the assembly couldn’t get any more enlivened, the singers brought up some volunteers, including a young kindergartener who belted out a fantastic version of “This Little Light of Mine”. The crowd went nuts. The whole school felt like a family. After having my first taste of gospel, I definitely want to experience it again.

Cameron loves debating politics with his teachers, being a contrarian, and listening to gospel music.

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