Day 123: The Dendrologists of 2V

[ By on April 18, 2013 ]

Overheard from the dendrologists of 2V as they planted the lettuce seeds sowed prior to March vacation in the Environmental Lab.

Where do lettuce seeds come from?

Do you think the plant will come back to life? [said while looking at a wilted, smaller leafed plant]

Some of our lettuce grew. Some didn’t grow as well.

After planting the crop, the following predictions were made:

Probably all the plants will spread out – stretch out.

The ones that are facing down will not grow as well as the ones growing up. The ones facing up had a head start.

The dendrologists of 2V are eager planters!

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  1. lbartels

    I liked your post. I was checking to see if you could put pictures in the post. Ella

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