Day 124: Haylee, 6th Grader

[ By on April 19, 2013 ]

Day 124: Haylee, 6th Grader

At the recent diversity conference I attended in Philadelphia, discussions zeroed in on bullying, acceptance, and society’s expectations.  The stories and experiences covered a wide range of ages, races, differences, genders, economic class, and disabilities. There was one story that really stood out to me and that was about a boy with a disability (which caused him to be in wheelchair).  The boy with a disability was in a store just shopping alone when a boy who was with his mom started making faces at the kid in the wheelchair.  When the mom caught the boy making faces, she said that if he kept doing mean and disrespectful actions like that God would punish him and make him look like the disabled boy.

That made me so sad because it made me realize that finger pointing like that might continue into the next generation, no matter what age people become.  As long as there are conferences and discussions such as these, people will realize that they are part of the problem, which is the first step to being part of the solution.  When each of us finally realizes that each one of us is different from everyone else, there is no way that anyone of us can feel superior to others.  I like to think that there is good in everybody and I like to try to bring out that good.  I also like to go through life positively with a positive attitude.  I hope more and more people sign up to go to these wonderful and important conferences.

Haylee likes to sing and act in musicals as well as hang out with friends.

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