Day 126: Davidson, 12th Grader

[ By on April 23, 2013 ]

What I learned today was more of a reminder. We like to think that what makes Riverdale special is its academic prowess. I learn this at the beginning of every spring when the classrooms get muggy and people start regretting wearing jeans. What makes Riverdale great, for me at least, is in the springtime when in-between classes I get to enjoy the fresh grass and energizing sunlight. As a city kid, I was always drawn to Riverside Park; the swings, the fountains, the piers. Riverdale simulates this experience. Had I gone to say, Dalton, during my frees I would either be cooped up in the senior lounge or I would escape with a few of my closest friends to get something to eat in the city. However at Riverdale, the only thing I want to do is be on the field with my entire grade. What I learn every spring is that Riverdale gives its students a reason to want to be on campus, not a feeling that they need to.

Davidson loves Chipotle, Wes Anderson movies, the Knicks, Aaron Sorkin, Sour Patch Cherrys, and Emma Watson.

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