Day 128: “Student on the Street” interviews

[ By on April 25, 2013 ]

What would you say if you were heading out the door and someone asked you, “Quick, what did you learn today or find interesting during school?” While you think of your response, here is what several 5th grade girls had to share as they were about to leave school.

I learned that me and M. make a good team at soccer because we pass well to each other.

I am better at playing soccer with my friends than with strangers. I’ve known most of my classmates since Kindergarten, so it’s easier playing with them.

I found out that I know pretty much every song in Les Miz because we sang them during Recess.

I learned how to make a five-paragraph essay during Writing. I’m writing about Anne Frank.

I learned in Drama that I’m actually going to be sitting on platform for our play.

If these girls had a chance to describe themselves, based on their quick interview replies above, they would likely craft themselves as active, athletic, and interested in singing and performing. [Editor’s Note: There was one other reply related to tennis, but in my haste, I did not write it down. Apologies to that particular Student on the Street!]

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