Day 131: Val, 12th Grader

[ By on April 30, 2013 ]

Today I learned that there is a lot I should’ve done. As a senior who has been at Riverdale for about six years, it hit me today just how soon my high school experience will be over. I was talking with a friend who is very frantic about prom planning. “What am I gonna do? I don’t have a dress or a date!! This is terrible,” she told me. In an effort to try and comfort her, I told her that I’d help her, but that she really had nothing to worry about because prom was in “like two months”. Instead of feeling comforted, she gave me a wide-eyed look and said, “Um, Val, its more like one”. Although freaking out about prom is not necessarily my cup of tea, it still kind of hit me like a brick. One month until prom meant one month until school ends. I started to think about all the stuff I missed out on such as trips, talking to people that aren’t necessarily my close friends, and in general, taking advantage of all the wonderful resources Riverdale has to offer. However, instead of feeling sad about it, I came to terms with the fact that dwelling on what couldn’t be changed wouldn’t help the situation. I resolved to do as much as I possibly can in my last month as a Riverdale senior and promised myself that I would make the best of the exciting college years yet to come.

Val love surprises, video games, Nutella, superheroes, and hugs.

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