Day 132: Caroline, 8th Grader

[ By on May 02, 2013 ]

Grow Dat Youth Farm in partnership with Tulane University and the Edible Schoolyard creates job opportunities for high school students in order to support public health, local economies and a sustainable food system in South Louisiana. The farm provides a healthy and supportive work environment for high school-aged youth from New Orleans who face limited job opportunities. Through a structured application process, Grow Dat Farm conscientiously recruits a mix of students: 20% of whom have already demonstrated leadership skills inside or outside of school, 20% of whom are at- risk of poor performance at school, and 60% of whom are students that are neither excelling nor failing at school. Success in the program is defined by students’ consistent participation, their increased ability to communicate effectively with other students and staff, and their ability to achieve production goals on the farm. With a focus on developing a sense of responsibility, community, environmental awareness, and service among participants, the farm fosters leadership and teamwork skills through the collaborative work of growing food. The produce grown nourishes New Orleans residents who have limited access to fresh food. Sixty percent of the food grown is sold to markets, restaurants and corner stores. Forty percent of the food grown is donated to local hunger relief agencies.

Following a brief tour of the Grow Dat Farm facility from a representative passionately committed to sustainability and supporting his community, our group spent about 30 minutes weeding their kale garden.

Caroline likes to study science, play tennis and lacrosse, and spend time with friends and family.

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