Day 135: Georgina, Food Service Staff Member

[ By on May 06, 2013 ]

This is a wonderful place to work. All the departments are wonderful—maintenance, security, everybody. You have somebody behind you helping all the time—it’s wonderful. The kids learn a lot from their teachers because very professional people work here. They teach the kids to be better people, to be nice. The kids get a good education here, and they learn to be kind. The kids have very good behavior here in school. Outside of school, I don’t know what they do, but here, they are good.

I love these kids like they’re my own, and I learn a lot from them. One thing I learn is the language; my English is getting a little bit better because I practice with the kids. Plus, they give you love all the time. When I’m working upstairs for breakfast it’s my best time because I have contact with everybody. They make me feel like I am part of the family. I am a servant of the Lord; thank you, Lord, for opening the door because I feel so good here.

Georgina has lived in Riverdale for twenty-nine years. When she is not working at Riverdale Country School or A & P where she has a part time job, she likes to go to church or go out with people from church, and she also takes English as a Second Language classes twice a week at Mount Saint Vincent College.

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One Comment on “Day 135: Georgina, Food Service Staff Member”

  1. sbanks


    We appreciate all that you do for us each and every day! Your smiling face every morning while I get my coffee sets the tone for my whole day. You bring the sunshine to Riverdale.

    Thank you for being you,
    Rachel Klein

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