Day 137: Rachel, 8th Grader

[ By on May 08, 2013 ]

The last night of the Nola 2013 trip, we were all sitting outside of an Italian restaurant expecting nothing but an ordinary dinner reminiscing about the spectacular trip we had had so far.  During our meal, we all suddenly turned around surprised, as a bike-riding musician, calling himself “the biker ballad,” stopped by our restaurant to belt out a few tunes. We each gave a few dollars to the man, not only for the great show he put on, but for the comfort and warmth he brought us and the joy of the night as we all sang along to some of our favorite songs. Through cracking jokes like, “If you want my newest record, you can find it in the New Orleans police department,” he lightened the mood after our hard day of work helping repair homes that were struck by Hurricane Katrina.

Having nothing in common with this man and barely even knowing his name, we shared a connection through music.  Not only did his bike riding ballad make an impression on us, but everyone we met throughout the trip inspired us to help others.

Rachel enjoys playing sports and hanging out with her friends.

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