Day 138: Hannah and Maya, 4GW

[ By on May 09, 2013 ]

We are writing a book for our Kindergarten buddies. A lot of us wrote about our buddies in our stories. The books are picture books and they have only two sentences per page because they are for Kindergarteners. You got to choose your topic, so everybody has different topics.

What we did in the beginning was we interviewed our buddies about what they liked and wrote our stories about that. Then we brainstormed and then we made our beginning, middle and end. Then we started writing our actual sentences in a notepad. It was a really creative experience.

Hannah: My buddy’s name is Phoebe, so my story is about Phoebe going to the candy store but all the candy is stolen. She finds a trail of wrappers and she solves the case. Mine is like a mystery book.

Maya: My book is about my buddy in Disney Land, and she is a princess. She is on a scavenger hunt and not really finding anything. She meets all her friends and then she wins. It is like a searching story.

Ms. Sills, one of the Librarians, is helping us with these stories.


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