Day 139: Rachel, Director of Middle School Service Learning

[ By on May 10, 2013 ]

I attended the Lower School Service Learning Assembly this morning to hear about all of the important service learning work that has been happening at the Lower School this year. Not only did the Lower School students wow me with their presentation and the sheer amount of money that they were able to raise for many different charities, but they also impressed me with their incredible passion for doing nice things for others.

I believe in giving back to our community. I believe that any act, no matter how big or how small, can make a difference in the lives of others. I believe that each of us has in us the ability to create change. And, I believe that this mindset is essential to the Riverdale experience.

I have witnessed countless acts of kindness and service this year at Riverdale. From the weekly Middle School Random Acts of Kindness shout-outs and various Homebase projects to the work done by Upper School students in SFC, I continue to be impressed not only by the time and effort put in by students and faculty, but also by the passion that drives these very actions.

I am proud to represent Riverdale in this capacity and look forward continue my work forming relationships and reaching out to members of our community who need our help. Partnerships are crucial, as they are a two-way street. Not only are we giving of our time and our resources, but what we receive in return is a sense of pride and accomplishment.

When not teaching, Rachel enjoys exploring New York City and playing with her food.

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