Day 141: Willy, 11th Grader

[ By on May 14, 2013 ]

It’s always great to be able to take what you learn in the classroom and apply it to real-world problems. For example, in Computer Science, we have been learning how to program throughout the year, and now we are starting to apply our knowledge in our final projects. We can all focus on our areas of interest, and I decided to make a time tracking application (which would help you track your productivity) because I wanted to make something practical that I would use. From the class, I have learned how to implement the core parts of the application.

Today, however, I came across a completely new problem: Will my application be easy to use? User interface design answers that question, and deals with how we interact with technology. It’s something I’ve always been aware of but never worked on before until now. With help from Dr. King, the Computer Science teacher, I am able to explore a completely new concept and start working with design, something I’ve always wanted to do. Just that one experience changed the way I look at everything — from why things are made the way they are, to what makes something intuitive and natural, to how to implement something that works well and is easy to use.

In addition to technology, Willy loves fencing, debate, and tech theater.

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