Day 142: Ellie, 6th Grader

[ By on May 16, 2013 ]

I recently visited New Orleans as part of a service learning trip with middle and upper school students. Even though I was only there for three days, I discovered how amazing the people are in New Orleans. On the first night, Adrian told us about how the people in New Orleans are so welcoming and kind, a bit unlike here in our city. He told us that if you waved to anyone passing by on the street, they’d almost always wave back. We tested it out on some people and every time, even some bikers who had their hands full managed to wave back at us. That definitely was pretty cool especially because in New York City people don’t wave back. These people have gone through such hard experiences by living through Katrina, but still manage to stay so positive. But, not only are the people incredible, the food was also incredible. The way they ate their food was pretty cool. On the first night at Adrian’s house, they laid out a huge pile of crawfish, 80 pounds! We couldn’t finish it all but it was really good. I’ve never really had southern food before but it really made me think about how great comfort food is. It was so tasty everywhere we went especially at the praline store where they made delicious homemade pralines. A main part of New Orleans is it’s food and culture so I suggest you check it out.

Ellie likes to have fun, play sports, and just hang out with friends.

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