Day 143: Jonathan, CC and Justin, 5th Graders

[ By on May 16, 2013 ]

[Editor’s note: The students in Carmen James’ 5th grade Spanish class were introduced to Scratch, a visual programming language developed at MIT. Using Scratch, during the year they crafted short programs consisting of graphics, text and voice recordings that made use of their growing vocabulary.

At the same time, at Instituto Thomas Jefferson, a school in Mexico, students were crafting Scratch games based around the themes and values of family (love and gratefulness), the community (responsibility and fellowship), the country (honesty and respect) and the world (tolerance and solidarity).

In a collaboration with the students in Mexico, the concluding portion of the games was programmed by Brendan B, one of the students in Ms James’ Spanish class. This morning, three of our Spanish students were scheduled to participate in a Google Hangout with the students in Mexico. Alas, there were some technical issues that caused the Hangout to start late. While waiting, our students made a video for their Mexican peers, and the video was shared once the Hangout went live.

The first video is Jonathan, CC and Justin talking about Riverdale. Brendan was not available today, so Justin volunteered to fill in for him. The second video is of a portion of the Google Hangout, which began after our students headed to class. Hopefully this gives you an idea of the experience.]




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