Day 147: The Authors of 1R, First Grade

[ By on May 23, 2013 ]

[Editor’s Note: With the assistance of Librarian Barbara Morris, the first grade students of Isabelle Rodriquez and Danielle Litoff authored their own original books. What follows is each author’s reason for writing their book, as illicited during Library time.]

Rachel P. wrote The Little Kitty because she loves kitties. The trio of Rachel P., Isabela C. and Madison R. liked the Magic Schoolbus books so much that they named their book The Magic Schoolbus.

The Sports Book was authored by Harrison G. and Jacob N. because they love to learn about and play sports.

Tatiana D. likes being fancy and co-author Skye R. is a tomboy. Together they wrote We Love Being Fancy.

The name of Ava’s soccer team, the Rolling Piggies, served as the title of the book by Ava E., Halle C. and Olivia B.

This next group included themselves in the name of their book: Emily F. and Layla B. Share about Themselves.

The last of the 1R books is Bunny Man by Ethan G. and Ben N.. Ethan likes bunnies and Ben likes superheroes.

You may wonder where the Authors of 1R found their inspiration for subject ideas and the spelling of words. To help them generate ideas, they referred to their spelling word wall, as well as ideas they had read about in other books. It was no easy task to come up with the spelling of all the words they used in their books. Some authors sounded out the spelling, while others came up with the spelling using the spelling word wall, or words they knew from other books.

All of these newly crafted books have card catalog numbers. Below you can see some of their books; the rest of the books are out for circulation. (Click the image to see it enlarged.)


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  1. lbartels

    I neglected to mention this in my 1R progress report for the 2nd semester.

  2. lbartels

    This is beautiful!! Thank you Laurie.

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