Day 148: Jacob, Music Department accompanist for the Middle and Upper Schools

[ By on May 27, 2013 ]

In the midst of thunderstorms, yesterday saw the last of the choral performances at Riverdale for this school year.  The sixth and seventh grade choirs performed with such excitement, that their feeling of accomplishment (of presenting their great work to a sizable and receptive audience) was palpable.  After all, this is their only opportunity to perform for the entire school year, unlike the upper school choirs, which perform each semester.  After practicing this music for the entire school year, they were more than ready to enter the stage and collectively say to the audience: “We are going to sing this great music that we want you to hear!”

This experience of learning and performing music will stay with these students throughout their lives.  Yesterday, as the A Cappella class began their rehearsal, a few of the students began singing a song from last school year.  As they sang, more students joined in on their own vocal parts, until they had the full complement of harmony for a song that they hadn’t sung in over a year.

Through both of these experiences, it is encouraging to think about what the Middle School students that performed last night (as well as all other students) will remember from their musical activities at Riverdale.  The process of practicing, studying, and performing music (not necessarily in that order) gives them a rounded approach to learning, enabling them to remember what they have learned for a long time to come.

Jacob is the choral accompanist for the Middle and Upper Schools.  This is his first year at Riverdale.


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