#CodingCulturalCompetency: Conversations about Equity and Social Justice can go beyond Humanities

How can educators use the principles of coding and its attention to detail to help students be more culturally competent?

As technology continues to be a booming industry there has been an increase in the idea that students need to learn how to code. Coding is a world where meticulous structure creates limitless design.

How can we expect to have less bias design if these topics aren’t discussed?

Here are 3 easy tips:

  • Show examples of women who code

  • Talk about representation if your focus is game design

  • Show examples of bad design


#ScanHere: Deeper learning through the use of QR codes


Looking for a way to have purposeful use of your school’s 1 to 1 environment? Do you think your classroom tech is limiting your opportunity for kinesthetic learning?

I think QR codes might be the piece you’ve been missing. Most classrooms and school buildings are inundated with posters of historical figures or inspirational quotes, the QR code allows for deeper learning to commence beyond a mere glance at a poster. A QR code is simply a code that a phone or tablet can scan using the camera that leads to something else whether that be a video, document, website, or picture. Think of it as the hipster of hyperlinks. Use this site to make your next qr code.

See some examples below for inspiration.

#I Can(va) Do That: Graphic design with no InDesign



Are you tired of scrolling through Google images looking for the perfect infographic for tomorrow’s lesson?

Are your event flyers sad Microsoft Word templates? No time to master the Adobe Creative Suite? Well it’s time to turn those I can’t dos into. I Can(va) dos. Jokes aside Canva is an awesome FREE graphic design tool that uses user friendly drag and drop actions to create graphic design masterpieces. Check out this short video tutorial to learn more…

Made with Canva:

Exit Ticket



#IT’SLIT: Introducing a New Content Platform @Riverdale

Do you have a bright idea, but don’t know how to make it happen?

Maybe we can help. This space focuses on how learning, innovation, and technology intersect @Riverdale. Where bright ideas are met with design thinking and implementation. This is NOT a space telling you to go paperless. This space will NOT tell you to use this device. This space is about identifying an objective, creating a concept, and utilizing various tools to turn a bright idea into a LIT experience.

Explore the articles that will be updated biweekly or click on a tag that sparks an interest.

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