Second Graders Enjoy West African Drumming Workshop

[ April 10, 2014 ]

LSDrumCafeOur second graders recently participated in a drumming workshop presented Drum Cafe, made possible by Midori and Friends, an organization that brings a variety of music and dance styles to young students across New York City.

According to the Midori website, “Drum Cafe is an ensemble of master drummers in the African tradition that gives students the opportunity to learn drumming experientially, through communal playing with professional musicians. The Drum Café experience not only develops musical skills, but encourages a spirit of cooperation and the building of self-esteem and confidence.”

At the workshop, every second-grader found an African djembe drum in his/her seat, and was allowed to explore playing the drum. As the concert began, the students and musicians played together. For a short clip of the workshop, click here.

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