Lower School Celebrates Earth Day

[ April 26, 2014 ]

On April 22, aka Earth Day, the Lower School celebrated planet Earth is several ways.

First, guitarist Mike Messer played “earth friendly” songs while the children got off the bus. Director of Early Learning Rebecca Greller greeted them in an adorable flower costume, while Director of Upper Learning (Grades 3-5) Ellen Greengrass sported a sun costume that could rival the one in the Jimmy Dean commercials. “Many children gathered to sing along, as well as play rhythm instruments. It was a joyous occasion,” notes Educational Environmental Facilitator Ella Pastor, who wore a plant hat.

Each child cut out a hand shape and wrote on it a pledge that they personally could make regarding helping the earth (i.e. recycling, saving water, trees, etc.). These hands were then put on trees and displayed in the dining room and the library.

The Food Service department participated by providing a completely cold lunch that students, faculty, and staff enjoyed picnic style/outside.  “Most of the kitchen equipment was shut down for the day in an effort to minimize our carbon footprint,” Ellen explains.

Thanks to Julie Ader P’23/24, who was instrumental in pulling the Lower School Earth Day celebration together.

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