Scientific Journal to Publish Manuscript Written by Students, Teacher

[ April 30, 2014 ]

A student/teacher collaboration, a manuscript entitled “Evidence for Intraspecific Endocrine Disruption of Geukensia demissa (Atlantic Ribbed Mussel) in an Urban Watershed,” was recently accepted for publication in Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, a top tier, fully peer-reviewed journal that publishes on molecular and biochemical processes in diverse species.

“A big congratulations is in order for Zach Halem ’14 and Dustin Ross ’14, who dedicated an enormous amount of effort to the research, the lab work, the writing, and the revising,” says Dr. Rachel Cox, who co-wrote the manuscript with the students as part of her work overseeing the Summer Science Research Program. “This acceptance clearly signals the relevance of our research program to the greater scientific community, and forms a solid base for our future studies,” Rachel adds. “This is a real feather in our cap. We are thrilled.”

Congratulations to all!

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