Ten Students Recognized for Their Nonfiction Writing

[ May 06, 2014 ]

Four Middle School and six Upper School students have been awarded prizes in this year’s Nonfiction Writing Contest.

“It is exciting to see the excellent writing and scholarship that our students in all grades have produced, and while only a few essays have been singled out, all the submissions were impressive,” said Sarah Banks, on behalf of the committee that reviewed the contest entries.

In the Middle School, the Grade 6 winner was Lucy Pan, “New Orleans’s Water”. There was a tie in Grade 7:  Daniel Betensky for “Gun Control Essay” and Michael Maffezzoli for ”The Death Penalty.” Stephanie Shwartz was the Grade 8 winner with “Falling into Despair.”

In the Upper School, George Harvey ’17 won the Grades 9 & 10 Analytical category with “Femininity in The Things They Carried,” while Jack Tien-Dana ’16 received a nod for his Grades 9 & 10 Personal essay, “The Dingaling.” There were ties in both categories for Grades 11 & 12, with Hannah Gallen ’15 and Riley Griffin ’14 winning in the Analytical category and Miranda Hoyt-Disick ’15 and Matt Roffe ’14 sharing the award in the Personal category. Hannah Gallen’s piece is entitled, “Marlowe’s Greyness and Kurtz’s Darkness: Leaning over the Abyss Versus Falling into It,” and Riley Griffin’s wrote about “Memory in T.S. Eliot’s ‘The Wasteland’”. Miranda Hoyt-Disick ’15 penned “’Castles in the Air’: Transcendence through Imagination and Writing,” while Matt Roffe ’14 talked about “Two Ways of Seeing New York City” in his submission.

The winners will be receiving a book chosen by his or her teacher, and each winning essay will be published in The Riverdale Reader. Congratulations to all!

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