Eleven Seniors Spend their Final Weeks of High School in Senior Project Program

[ May 12, 2014 ]

Each year, several seniors choose to forego their last three weeks of classes to instead focus on a project that is meaningful to them. In the past, projects have ranged from creating political campaigns to staging a one-act play. This year, 11 students are pursuing their wide-ranging passions with a number of intriguing projects:

  • Brian Swift will be doing a fashion shoot organized around the question of how the environment helps to tell the story of fashion.
  • Gabe Murray is making a film about the role of technology in our lives. He will also be composing and recording music for the film.
  • Matt Pasquarelli is shooting a scene from a screenplay in three different styles. The scene focuses on issues of change and adolescent rebellion.
  • Eva Moskowitz is learning three arias from three different operas: a Baroque opera, a 19th Century opera, and a modern opera. In addition to learning the pieces (and hopefully performing at least one) she will be learning about how each opera illustrates a different historical style of composition.
  • Walter Johnsen has been working with Best Buddies—an organization that supports people with intellectual disabilities—for a number of years. He is writing, with the support of the organization, a complete, yearlong curriculum that a high school Best Buddies chapter could use.
  • Matt Roffe and Zach Stimmler will be cooking a variety of different grilled foods on the Milstein Terrace at lunch. They also plan to prepare and sell food at a number of end-of-the-year evening events. All profits will go to the National Diabetes Foundation in honor of Chef Paul.
  • Benny Kesslen will be working for the next three weeks—and during the summer—at the Skimm, an online news organization that produces a daily summary of political and cultural events.
  • Willy Papper is using forecasting and analysis techniques to see whether he can develop a formula to predict which videos will go viral.
  • Cole Jorissen is developing, testing, and preparing a marketing plan for a coffee maker that will be easy to use and make serious “coffee geek” brew.
  • Marisa Feld is writing and will perform a monologue on the pressure young women feel to conform to societally imposed standards of dress, behavior, and appearance.

The students will present their projects to the community the week of June 2. Thanks to Upper School faculty member John Wellington for organizing the senior project program this year.

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