Spring Diversity Banquet Celebrates Affinity Group Leaders

[ May 14, 2014 ]

Nearly 50 students were recognized at this year’s Spring Diversity Banquet, an all-school celebration of Upper School students’ positive contributions to the Riverdale community.

“The Spring Banquet is a time to celebrate and reflect on the year’s many successes, specifically setting aside time to acknowledge and publicly thank those student leaders who have made a positive contribution to the Riverdale community,” says Dwight Vidale ’01, Director of Community Engagement.

“This year, we acknowledged all 20+ participants in the Riverdale Leadership Summit, as well as the 12 affinity group leaders,” Dwight adds. “We also publicly thanked seven outstanding students who were recognized by the faculty for their good work this year.”

In addition, Emily Shorr Lesnick ’07, Director of Upper School Service Learning and a Middle/Upper School theater teacher, was awarded the Faculty Appreciation Award. Four students gave their reflections and thanks for the work that she has done. Lastly, all the mothers in attendance were given a long single stem rose in honor of Mother’s Day.

Rounding out the evening were two student performances: jazz duo Hunter Goodin ’16 and Emilio Modeste ’18, and Jose Modeste ’15 on the piano.

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