Post-Show Sadness

[ By on March 12, 2014 ]

Now that Once on this Island is done, everyone in the cast seems a bit sad. I mean, I don’t blame them: We worked together as a group for such a long period of time (almost four months!) and everyone grew closer. For me, spring break is on its way and I still have an outside production of Legally Blonde to perform in, so I wasn’t as disappointed and I definitely didn’t suffer from “show withdrawal.” But everyone grew as a cast and did really well in our performances.

Even though we had a few mishaps, as all shows do, things went pretty smoothly and we had some pretty enthusiastic crowds.

It was interesting to see the different reactions to the show, as different people of different ages had their opinions. When we performed after school on the Wednesday for students and faculty, people often ended up laughing at certain things that no one found funny at the next performance. At one point during Wednesday’s show we actually heard people gasp or react, so I guess that means we’re doing something right! Thankfully we only had to say goodbye to two seniors this year, although they’ll be dearly missed. Overall I had a positive experience doing Once on this Island, and I hope next year’s show will be just as fun.



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