As the weather gets warmer…

[ By on April 10, 2014 ]

Everyone always gets excited when the weather gets warmer on campus! Many people are out playing sports on the field, eating lunch on the outdoor patio, and just hanging out with friends on the lawn. Riverdale even has a new “outdoor classroom” (a circular grouping of benches arranged on Jones Lawn). The warm weather definitely lifts up everyone’s spirits. Many more students will come out to cheer on their fellow classmates in sports games. I think the seniors in particular enjoy the warm weather! We can enjoy time outside during free periods in the senior courtyard, which recently got a hammock! Seniors will bring speakers to play music on Jones Lawn during free periods, which is always nice to hear as you walk from 9/10-Lindenbaum.

Some seniors will also start senior projects during the last month or so of the school year. A senior project is a great way to devote a significant amount of time to one of your passions. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the seniors doing the projects are up to! In the past, all the projects have been so creative, ranging from stories to photography.

Enjoy the warm weather!

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