GLOW Assembly

[ By on April 23, 2014 ]

Yesterday at assembly we all gathered together to hear some speeches about some student’s experiences with their sexuality and their experiences with other’s sexuality. (GLOW is an affinity group; GLOW is an acronym that stands for Gay, Lesbian Or Whatever.) Though I do enjoy hearing from guest speakers during assemblies, it was nice to really see how articulate and passionate about the topic some of the student speakers were. The stories they told were fascinating and diverse and really showed the wide array of feelings that people have about sexuality. My friend, Tasfia Shawlin, had a speech about the differences between her mother and herself on their opinions about different sexualities and the reasons why their opinions differed. It really helped me see different perspectives from people whose families are different, especially in a cultural way, and those whose speeches were about their own sexualities really helped me see things from a different perspective. I’d love to hear more students speak in the future, as they obviously have a lot to say.

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