The New (and Improved) ILS

[ By on April 23, 2014 ]

Every year, the whole senior class takes ILS (Integrated Liberal Studies), a course unique to Riverdale’s curriculum. It’s definitely an experience that unifies the senior class because everyone has read about and discusses the same intriguing ideas. Just this year, in time for our class, ILS was changed so that it consists of 5 distinct themes. For the first four sections, we explored virtue, the self, the environment, and social justice in the context of our lives and society. For the last section, which is coming up soon, every senior is able to pick an “elective” taught by one of the ILS teachers. This is a really exciting opportunity because you get to read a book for fun with a teacher you have gotten to know well. We just chose the class we want to take for this last section, and it was great to see how varied the topics of the books were. I’m excited for this last section as it seems to be a fun way to end the ILS unit and our time at Riverdale.

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