Constructing Olympics

[ By on May 07, 2014 ]

As the year is coming to a close, the 11th grade class had a chance to celebrate all our hard work in Constructing America with the Constructing Olympics. Every class and their teachers pair up to compete in games to ultimately determine which class is the champion of Constructing. This year, we played Jeopardy!, newlyweds with the teacher pairs, performed class skits, competed in a huge game of capture the flag, and ended the day with tug of war. Each class also gets to create their own shirts that they can design with inside jokes and funny pictures.

Through all the tears (literally), laughs and jokes, classes create such a strong bond throughout the year it feels like we all have mini Constructing families. And as you can probably imagine, the classes get very competitive during the Olympics. This year the winner was Kildalhl-Weil, and it was a surprising win because it was only their first year as a pair. People were expecting the pair Gatch-Moore to win because not only have they been a pair for 10 years, but it is their last year, as well. The good part about winning is that next year that class has amazing bragging rights; however, by the end of the day, all the classes have had such a fun time competing and bonding that naming someone a winner really isn’t the most important thing.

There truly is no other class like Constructing and there is no greater bond that kids form during the class as a result. Yes, it has been challenging, but with only a month left, we are all going to enjoy these last few periods together.


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