Reading with Children

[ By on May 07, 2014 ]

Last Friday, the 9th grade, after a morning of activities, split up into three groups to do different community service activities. I chose to read and write with children, and I am very glad that I was able to have that experience. Each of us was paired with a child, and we read a fairy tale with that child and then wrote our own fairy tale in a little booklet. The child I was paired with was quiet, but he was an excellent reader and writer, and it was fun reading the story with him, having him read me a page and then reading one back to him, then asking him questions about the story. We read Cinderella, and he was fascinated by the pictures, especially the pictures of the ball and Cinderella’s dresses. When I asked him what he wanted to write about, he told me that he wanted to write about Cinderella. I suggested that we write about Cinderella’s wedding with the prince, and then together we took turns writing the story and drawing pictures to match them. Seeing the way his skills grew as he read was interesting and really showed me a new perspective of the way that young kids learn and how much progress they make and how much more they can make.

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