Community Day- (In)Visibility

[ By on October 03, 2014 ]

Every year, the Middle School has a day dedicated to improving the communities we live in: our school, our city, our country, and the world. Last year, we focused on our voice and how we can communicate our ideas and problems with our peers. I learned a lot, and I was inspired to take a stand. Since then, I have become more confident in what I do!

This year, we are adding on to the idea of voice and the this year’s theme is (in)visibility and the social media. Our guest speaker, Raquel Reichard, talked about the positive power of social media. Now I know that I can share my ideas through social media. My peers and I also saw how kids our age are using popular sites like Instagram and Twitter to raise awareness in what they believe in. A few girls created an account and posted pictures with statements against the use of Photoshop on pictures of girls in magazines. Because of them, the magazine Seventeen promised not to use Photoshop unnecessarily. I was inspired by the speaker and the kids who made those type of accounts.

Unfortunately, this is my last year in the Middle School. I am so thankful to have experienced three community days. They have taught me how important it is to change the community for the better!

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